since year of 1997


Inner tube extruding line

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Inner tube specification motorcycle and bicycle inner tube light car inner tube
Tube double layer width <200mm <420mm
Line speed 10-40m/min 8-35m/min
Beat the bore diameter 6-8mm 8-10mm
Air pressure 0.6Mpa 0.7Mpa
Total capacity 14kw/h 22kw/h
Single machine weight 5000kg 7000kg
Shape size 23500x1000x850mm 35000x1300x850mm

 Application :

The production line is one kind of automatic production process to produce butyl rubber and natural rubber inner tube which is supplied to bicycle and motorcycle.

The cold or hot-feeding rubber extruder can be used to the production line to extrude the tube. the cooling way is spray.

The production line can automatic dig hole, paste air valve, fixed length, cut off automatically and dusting powder outside & inside. The whole line is driven by one motor, every part transferred by a deliver device to ensure the speed of every part is synchronous.

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