How to maintain the rubber mixing mill during operation

the rubber mixing mill is the main working parts of two opposite rotation of the hollow roller, the device in the operator side called the front roller, can be manually or electric horizontal movement before and after, so as to adjust the roller distance to adapt to the operation requirements; The back roller is fixed and cannot be moved back and forth. the rubber mixing mill is also used in plastics processing and other sectors.

Maintenance of the rubber mixing mill during operation:

1. After starting the machine, oil should be injected to the oil filling part in time.

2. Check regularly whether the filling part of the oil filling pump is normal and whether the pipeline is smooth.

3. Pay attention to whether there is lighting and heating discoloration at each connection.

4. Adjust the roller distance, the left and right ends should be uniform.

5. When the roller distance is adjusted, a small amount of glue should be added after adjustment to clear the gap of the spacing device, and then normal feeding.

6. When feeding for the first time, it is necessary to use small roll distance. After the temperature is normal, the roll distance can be increased for production.

7. Emergency stop devices shall not be used except in an emergency.

8. When the bearing bush temperature is too high, it is not allowed to stop immediately. The material should be discharged immediately, the cooling water should be fully opened, the thin oil should be added to cool down, and the relevant personnel should be contacted for treatment.

9. Always pay attention to whether the motor circuit is overloaded or not.

10. Regularly check whether the temperature of roller, shaft, reducer and motor bearing is normal, and there should be no sudden rise.

The above ten points are the rubber mixing mill should pay attention to when running.

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Post time: May-10-2023