Operation of Qingdao Ouli rubber kneader machine

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First, preparations:

1. Prepare raw materials such as raw rubber, oil and small materials according to the needs of the product;
2. Check if there is oil in the oil cup in the pneumatic triple piece, and fill it up when there is no oil. Check the oil volume of each gearbox and the air compression oil is not less than 1/3 of the center oil level. Then start the air compressor. The air compressor automatically stops after reaching 8mpa, and the moisture in the pneumatic triplex is released.
3. Pull the handle of the material chamber door, open the material chamber door, press the preparation button, turn on the power, the power indicator light of the small switchboard is on, and screw the upper top bolt knob to the “up” position. After the upper top bolt rises into position, it will The mixing chamber knob is screwed to the “turning” position of the mixing chamber, and the mixing chamber will be turned outwards and automatically stopped. During the mixing chamber, the sound and light alarm will be turned on, and the mixing room will be checked for no residual materials or debris. Rotate the kneading chamber knob to the “back” position, the kneading chamber will flip back and automatically stop, and the kneading chamber knob will be placed in the middle position, and the desired alarm temperature will be set according to the type of compound to be mixed.

Second, the operation process:

1. Start the main unit and wait for the second sound. After the current meter has current indication, fill the mixing chamber successively according to the process requirements. For the second-stage mixing of high-hardness materials such as windshield and sheet metal, it is necessary to cut a section of material with a rubber cutting machine to avoid the sluice. After the material is finished, turn the top bolt knob to the “down” position, the upper top bolt will drop, and the machine running current will increase during the falling process. If the set current is exceeded, the machine will automatically raise the upper top bolt and reduce the current. After the small, it fell again. Move the chamber door handle up to close the chamber door.
2. When the temperature of the mixing chamber reaches the set temperature, the temperature alarm sounds and lights alarms, and the upper top bolt knob is rotated to the “up” position. After the upper top bolt is raised to the upper position, the mixing chamber is turned to turn the knob to “turn”. “The position of the mixing room will be turned outwards and unloaded, the sound and light alarm lights will be alarmed, and the small dump truck will be placed under the mixing chamber. The receiving personnel will apply a prepared wood chip or bamboo piece in advance to mix the room. The material is discharged, and it is forbidden to use the hand to pick up the material in the mixing room. After the discharging is completed, the operator is sent a signal to the mixer operator according to the work requirements. (If you continue working, turn the mixing chamber turning knob to the “back” position, continue working after the mixing chamber returns and automatically stop. If you stop working, press the main stop button, the main motor will stop working, then Rotate the mixing chamber knob to the “back” position, wait for the next job, and the kneading chamber will automatically stop and put the knob handle to the middle position)

Third, please pay attention to the following points when operating the mixer:

1. The machine operator must undergo safety education, technical training, and be familiar with the operating procedures of this equipment before being employed;
2. Before going to the machine, the operator should wear the prescribed labor insurance products;
3. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to inspect and clean the debris around the machine that hinders the operation of the equipment;
4. Keep the work area around the machine clean and tidy, open the road, open the ventilation equipment, and keep the air circulation in the workshop;
5. Open the water supply, gas supply and oil supply valves, and check whether the water pressure gauge, water gas meter and oil pressure gauge are normal;
6. Start the test run and stop immediately if there is abnormal sound or other faults;
7. Check the material door, the top plug, and whether the hopper can be opened normally;
8. Whenever the top bolt is raised, the top bolt control knob must be turned to the up position;
9. During the kneading process, it was found that there was a jamming phenomenon, and it was prohibited to use the ejector rod or other tools to directly feed the material by hand;
9. When the hopper is turned over and unloaded, pedestrians are prohibited from approaching around the hopper and the hoist;
10. The upper top bolt must be raised in front of the machine, the hopper should be turned back to the position, and the material door can be closed to shut off the power;
11. After the work is finished, turn off all power, water, gas, and oil sources.

In order to operate the internal mixer, please strictly observe the safe operation rules of the mixer, so as to avoid equipment failure or even safety hazard caused by misoperation.

Post time: Jan-02-2020