How to produce rubber powder

How to produce rubber powder

Waste tire rubber power equipment composed by the decomposition of waste tire power crushing, screening unit composed of magnetic carrier.

Through the decomposition of waste tire facilities, tire processing into small pieces. And then crushing mill of the rubber block, rubber power to be mixed wire. Then power magnetic separator, the steel and rubber power separated completely.

This processing technology, there is no air pollution, no waste water, low operation cost.

It is the best equipment to produce waste tire rubber power.

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The issue of waste tire disposal has become a significant environmental concern in recent years. Improperly disposed tires not only take up valuable landfill space but also pose a threat to the environment due to their non-biodegradable nature. To address this problem, the application of waste tire shredder machines has emerged as an efficient solution for tire recycling.

Waste tire shredder machines are designed to shred and reduce the size of used tires into smaller pieces, making them easier to handle and process for recycling. These machines employ powerful shredding mechanisms to break down tires into uniform pieces, which can then be further processed for various recycling applications.

One of the key applications of waste tire shredder machines is in the production of crumb rubber. The shredded tire pieces are processed into fine rubber granules, which can be used in the manufacturing of various rubber products, including playground surfaces, athletic tracks, and rubberized asphalt for road construction. By applying waste tire shredder machines in this manner, the recycling of tires becomes a sustainable practice that reduces the demand for virgin rubber and minimizes environmental impact.

Furthermore, waste tire shredder machines can also be utilized in the production of tire-derived fuel (TDF). The shredded tire pieces can be used as a fuel source in cement kilns, pulp and paper mills, and other industrial facilities. This application not only provides a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels but also helps in reducing the volume of tires ending up in landfills.

In addition to these applications, waste tire shredder machines can also be used to create innovative products such as tire-derived aggregate (TDA) for civil engineering projects, and as a raw material for the production of rubber-modified asphalt.

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