OULI Machinery Spore powder wall crushing machine advantages

On June 20, 2023, Jilin customer brought their own Ganoderma lucidum spore powder to test the Spore powder wall crushing machine, after crushing , the spore powder wall breakage rate reached 100%:(spore powder form under the microscope)


OULI Machinery Spore powder wall crushing  machine  advantages:

1. Motor power, other manufacturers adopt 30kw motor , OULI adopt 37KW motor .

 high-quality motor.

2. Reduce:r OULI adopt ZSY-315 hard tooth surface reducer, other manufacturer adopt ZSY-280 .

3. The active and passive rollers are all made of steel casting, nitriding treatment, high precision roller without deformation, Build resistant and durable.

4.OULI machinery adopts frequency conversion debugging technology, the Spore powder wall crushing machine soft start operation, the crushing speed can be adjusted, can be controlled at any time according to customer requirements after the spore powder broken the sheet thickness, to ensure that Spore powder wall crushing machine  always high load operation precision wall breaking, save energy consumption, improve the wall breaking efficiency.

5. The Spore powder wall crushing  machine  is equipped with automatic oil injection maintenance system, the machine maintenance wordless, extend the service life of the machine.

6. The stainless steel cover is thickened, which is twice the thickness of the peer material.

7. OULI proprietary design scraper , automatic laminating roller surface, automatic adjustment, roller non-stick powder.


Post time: Jun-21-2023