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  • rubber kneader

    rubber kneader

    Model: X(S)N-3/X(S)N-10/X(S)N-20/X(S)N-35/X(S)N-55/X(S)N-75/X(S)N-110/X(S)N-150/ X(S)N-200
    This Rubber Dispersion Kneader(banbury mixer) is mainly used for plasticizing andmixing of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastics, foaming plastics, and used in mixing of various the degree materials.

  • rubber mixing mill

    rubber mixing mill

    Model:X(S)K-160 / X(S)K-250 / X(S)K-360 / X(S)K-400 / X(S)K-450 / X(S)K-560 / X(S)K-610 / X(S)K-660
    Two roll rubber mixing mill is used for mixing and kneading raw rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastics or E.V.A.with chemicals into final materials. The final material can be fed to calender, hot presses or other processing machine for making rubberor plastic products.

  • Rubber calender

    Rubber calender

    Model: XY-2(3)-250 / XY-2(3)-360 / XY-2(3)-400 / XY-2(3)-450 / XY-2(3)-560 / XY-2(3)-610 / XY-2(3)-810
    Rubber calender is the basic equipment in the process of rubber products, it is mainly used to put rubber on fabrics, to rubberize fabrics, or to make rubber sheet.

  • Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine

    Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine

    Model: XLB-DQ350x350x2/ XLB-DQ400x400x2/ XLB-DQ600x600x2/ XLB-DQ750x850x2(4)/ XLB-Q900x900x2/ XLB-Q1200x1200 / XLB-Q1200x2500x1/ XLB-Q1500x2000x1
    This series plate vulcanizing machine special-purpose takes shape the equipment for the rubber profession.

  • Rubber tile press machine

    Rubber tile press machine

    Model: XLB 1100x1100x1 / XLB 550x550x4
    Rubber tile press machine is one type of environmental rubber machine, it is used to process the waste tire rubber granules into different types of rubber flooring tiles by vulcanizing and solidifying. Meanwhile, it can also process the PU granules, EPDM granules and nature rubber to be tiles.



    OULI waste tire rubber powder equipment: composed by the decomposition of waste tire powder crushing, screening unit composed of magnetic carrier. This processing technology, there is no air pollution, no waste water, low operation cost. lt is the best equipment to produce waste tire rubber powder.

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Qingdao Ouli machine CO.,LTD was located in beautiful Huangdao the west coast of Qingdao city Shandong province China.Our company is specialized in Rubber machinery production enterprise with R&D,design,production,sales and service.

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