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Inner tube curing press

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Items LLN-25/2
Vulcanized inner tire specification 28’’ below
Maximum clamping force 25T
Plate type hot plate outer diameter Φ800mm
Boiler type hot plate inner diameter Φ750mm
Height of applicable mold 70-120mm
Motor power 7.5kw
Hot plate steam pressure 0.8Mpa
Tire tube curing inner pressure 0.8-1.0Mpa
External diameters 1280×900×1770
Weight 1600kg


The machine is mainly used in vulcanizing cycle tube, bicycle tube and so on.

The mainframe mainly consists of the frame, the upper and lower hot plates, the central hot plate, the umbrella type base, the oil cylinder, the piston and so on. The oil cylinder is inside of the frame base.

The piston moves up and down in the oil cylinder.

It uses double edges dust ring and shaft sealing ring with YX section and shaft ladder ring to avoid leaking. The lower hot plate connects to the umbrella type base. And the piston pushes the base to move up and down. The central hot plate moves up and down in the frame guide rail with the help of the guiding wheel.

The upper hot plate is fixed on the frame beam. The mold closing action is finished by pushing the umbrella type base to jack up the hot plate.

The oil is discharged by the dead weight of the hot plate, base and piston decline when the mold is open.


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